As manufacturer and supplier of geosynthetic materials and planting nursery containers from China, BoShuo provides geosynthetic products and solutions for environmental protection, water and soil conservation,and planting nursery containers. Our products including Non-woven geotextiles/fabrics, woven geotextile weedmat, fabric plant pots, plastic planting pots,air pruning pots for root control, plastic seedling tray,geotextile tube for dewatering,geotextile with bentonite(geosynthetic clay line), HDPE geomembrane,etc. We have been in this line since year of 2004. Our geosynthetic materials have been used in construction projects, water treatment facilities, landfills, artificial lakes and ponds, highway, railway, dams, costal beach for reinforcement, tunnel, mine,agriculture nursery & planting,etc...


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