Nonwoven Geotextile


Short fiber needle punched nonwoven geotextile fabric/
Tejido geotextil no tejido Manufacture & supplier from China
1)short fiber needle punched nonwoven geotextile fabric is
made of polypropylene or polyester.Its production process
include fluffing,comb,mix,laying then needle punched. 
100GSM - 1500GSM 
3)Raw Material: PP or Polyester
Good flexibility, permeability, filtration, separation and easy
for construction 
Nonwoven geotextile used in the area of highway, railway, dam,
filtration of reinforcement for land ,separation ,drainage and
protection. black nonwoven geotextile used for water containers. 
6)Size of Package:
width 2-8m,length 50-100m  (or at request).
7)Regular sizes for export:

500g/M2,600g/M2,800g/M2,1000g/M2,4m*50M Per Roll or 4M*100M Per Roll.

8)High quality,lowest price nonwoven geotextile.

9)Nonwoven geotextile exported to Argentina,Chile,Peru,Mexico,Thailand,Vietnam,

Sri Lanka,Russia,Romania,Moldova,Dubai,Saudi Arabia,Australia,Mexico,etc.

10)Nonwoven geotextile fabric,Polyester nonwoven geotextile fabric,PP woven

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